The characteristic spirit of a culture, era, or community as manifested in its attitudes and aspirations.

SW Darkroom is a collaborative printing space for fine art photographers. The philosophy behind thew Darkroom is a place for like-minded people to have access to a workspace in an inspiring environment.

Meet the team; Melissa Magnuson; RCA photography graduate/artist, Lewin St. Cyr; RCA photography department/artist, Sara Marinangeli: RCA photography graduate/artist, Melanie Issaka; RCA photography graduate/artist,Frankie Magnuson; Goldsmiths University graduate, and Jacob Lazarus; Goldsmith’s graduate/artist. 

Associates: Ramona Guntert; RCA photography department/artist; Simon Ward; RCA photography department/artist,

We are building a community and welcome you to join us!

The darkroom was constructed in a remarkable space that was neglected and forgotten in a Gothic Revival building, built by order of Queen Victoria in 1859 as a school for girls. Hidden away and accessible by stairs leading down from the historic rear courtyard, the darkroom reveals a thoughtfully designed and beautifully renovated space with separate areas for darkroom hand printing, a natural light viewing room, four workstations with Mac computers and 44” HP inkjet printer for digital files. With capabilities of producing large silver gelatin prints up to 54 inches, SW Darkroom is unique in the field.