• Large Black and White Printing, up to 54 inches
  • Colour Printing up to 20″ X 24″
  • Print 35, 120, 4×5 or 8×10 negatives
  • Four separate enlarger stations in darkroom
  • 2145mm x 1585mm sink with troughs, custom made for the darkroom with large black/white printing in mind
  • Multiple trays, all chemicals provided
  • Alternative process printing, including platinum palladium
  • Booking availabilities in 4 hour slots, or for the whole day
  • Bookable technical printing assistance
  • Film processing at competitive pricing
  • Digital inkjet printing, up to 44” wide and large variety of paper stock to choose from
  • Easy workflow areas; editing, printing and retouching
  • Viewing wall in natural light, with comfortable seating area
  • Kettle, coffee machine and fridge
  • Library with photography, darkroom technique books and magazines for perusal
  • Auto and Bike parking on site

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  • Enlargers; a DeVere 504 with Dichromat colour head, a DeVere 203 with Dichromat colour head, a DeVere 504 Ilford Multigrade and a wall mounted DeVere 5108 with Dichromat colour head capable of producing 54” prints.
  • Colenta RA4 Colour Paper Processor
  • HP DesignJet Z3200 44-in PostScript Photo Printer
  • Four Mac workstations, loaded with software and internet connection
  • High res flatbed scanner
  • Film Processing equipment
  • UV light box for alternative process prints


The characteristic spirit of a culture, era, or community as manifested in its attitudes and aspirations.

SW Darkroom is a collaborative printing space for fine art photographers. The philosophy behind thew Darkroom is a place for like-minded people to have access to a workspace in an inspiring environment.

Meet the team; Melissa Magnuson; RCA photography graduate/artist, Lewin St. Cyr; RCA photography department/artist, Sara Marinangeli: RCA photography graduate/artist, Melanie Issaka; RCA photography graduate/artist,Frankie Magnuson; Goldsmiths University graduate, and Jacob Lazarus; Goldsmith’s graduate/artist. 

Associates: Ramona Guntert; RCA photography department/artist; Simon Ward; RCA photography department/artist,

We are building a community and welcome you to join us!

The darkroom was constructed in a remarkable space that was neglected and forgotten in a Gothic Revival building, built by order of Queen Victoria in 1859 as a school for girls. Hidden away and accessible by stairs leading down from the historic rear courtyard, the darkroom reveals a thoughtfully designed and beautifully renovated space with separate areas for darkroom hand printing, a natural light viewing room, four workstations with Mac computers and 44” HP inkjet printer for digital files. With capabilities of producing large silver gelatin prints up to 54 inches, SW Darkroom is unique in the field.

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Bookings & Price List.
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-15% off all services excluding film processing, scanning and contact sheets.

-One free small format Black and White printing session – four hour slot.

-Early bird information on all artist talks and workshops.

-Members newsletter promoting opportunities in wider photography world.

Darkroom Printing

– Large format darkroom hand printing up to 54” Day rate, whole darkroom usage (for darkroom only) – £200

– Four hour time slots for darkroom hand printing (up to 20” x 24”) – £35

– Technical assistance for the day – add £150

– Colour or black/white printing Day Rate (up to 20 x 24) – £75

– Mac work stations/scanning/DIY film processing £35 per four hour slot

-Technical assistance per four hour slot, add £65

Film Processing (Fill out form below)

Process Only

  • 35mm / 120 per roll – £7.50
  • 5×4 per film – £6.00

Scanning (Price per frame)
NB: We do not do high res scans of a whole roll of film unless you request this – this is because we believe attention and care should be given to each individual frame.

  • 35mm – £2
  • 120 – £2
  • 5×4 – £4

Process and Contact

  • 35mm / 120 per roll – £14
  • 5×4 per film – £10

Contact Only

Per contact sheet – £4.00

Scan only is available from entire rolls of film, either uncut or cut in strips of at least 4 frames (35mm) or 2 frames (120) Please note, a ‘contact sheet’ is a print created with the negatives placed directly on top of the photographic paper, i.e not enlarged.

Drop-off Form 

Upon dropping off your film please ensure this form is filled out. You can either drop off your film at the darkroom yourself (if we are not there please place it in the red post-box at the bottom of the stairs) or you can mail it to us. If mailing please ensure that you put a return address in the case of a failed delivery. Thanks!Name *FirstLastEmail *Service needed *

  • Process only
  • Process and contact scan
  • Contact scan only

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  • Yes
  • No


Large Format Inkjet Printing 

Set up (for each file to print) – £20.00

Discounts available for larger quantity orders, 20% discount on multiples of same print.

Paper in stock

  • Proofing paper
  • Hahnemühle Photo Rag 188 GSM
  • Somerset Velvet 300 GSM
  • Hahnemühle Sugar Cane 300 GSM
  • Clear film (to print negatives)
  • Self adhesive vinyl paper for wall mount images (contact us for quote)

Turn around time 

We endeavour to have your film and prints ready two full working days from drop off – e.g. drop off at 2pm Tuesday, collect after 2pm Thursday – but this may vary according to our schedules and the size of the order. To get an idea as to the current turnaround time, contact us: info@swdarkroom.com

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We offer 15% discounts for students on all services (bar film processing and scanning). Please send a valid ID to apply discount. 

News & Events.

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“My introduction to darkroom printing was during the eponyme workshop organised by SW Darkroom. We were welcomed by Lewin Melissa and Jacob who shared with us the secrets to make beautiful prints. Beyond being extensively knowledgeable, the team was genuinely kind and made us feel like home. I would recommend this workshop to anyone wishing to learn about darkroom printing.”

Mathieu Olive

Royal Victoria Patriotic Building

John Archer Way

SW18 3SX

Rear Courtyard Basement 3

Email: info@swdarkroom.com

Sara: 07491969869


Melissa: 07593596938