14th and 21rst May

Workshop Lead by Ramona Güntert

This is a two day workshop facilitated by Ramona Güntert. IRI, the workshop title, is inspired by the phenomenon of iridescence in which the surface of the material changes colour depending on the angle and perspective of the light. Shimmer, reflection and diffraction are all phenomena of light, rays of light are impacted by different materials. The light’s line and its angle are affected by the material: one that lets the light through and one that throws it back at you; it is from the same origin but affected by its surrounding.

“irridesence is always a marker of this interior-exterior negotiation. It is a kind of sign, secreted from within the being of the animal, working its way towards the external world.”– Tavi Meraud

This two day workshop explores the notion of the tactile and surface and how textures change through outside influences. It connects traditional analogue process with layering of new found materials. We will connect our process of making with nature and our close surrounding. Part of the workshop are some research materials, a small lecture, group discussion and making individually but also as a group. Once you signed up I will forward you more information about the structure of the day and things you need to bring. Please feel free to contact me with any further questions you have. 


8 participants

80 pounds