The enlargement of a snapshot does not simply render more precise what in any case was visible, though unclear: it reveals entirely new structural formations of the subject

Walter Benjamin

The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction

Offering equipment with expert assistance, SW Darkroom is a sanctuary to produce exhibition standard work or experimental processes in a spacious and calm environment with minimal distractions. Beginning July 1 2022, all bookings will include technical assistance.  Contact us if you would like to come have a look, we would be happy to show you around the space


– Artist workshops
– Technical Assistance 
– Artist residencies

Facilities & Equipment.


  • Large Black and White Printing, up to 54 inches
  • Colour Printing up to 20″ X 24″
  • Print 35, 120, 4×5 or 8×10 negatives
  • 2145mm x 1585mm sink with troughs, custom made for the darkroom with large black/white printing in mind
  • Multiple trays, all chemicals provided
  • Alternative process printing
  • Booking availabilities in 4 hour slots, or for the whole day with technical assistance provided
  • Viewing wall in natural light, with comfortable seating area
  • Kettle, coffee machine and fridge
  • Library with photography, darkroom technique books and magazines for perusal
  • Auto and Bike parking on site

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    Bookings & Price List.


    Darkroom Printing –  prices include technical assistance 

    – Large format darkroom hand printing up to 54” Day rate  – £400

    – Four hour time slots for darkroom hand printing; colour or black/white (up to 20” x 24”) – £115

    – Colour or black/white printing Day Rate (up to 20 x 24) -£230

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    From July 1 2022 

    Open by appointment for printing with technical assistance, full day or 1/2 day.

    Open every friday to book for other services. 

    Please email to request services and arrange date for booking. 

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    News and Events

    IRI: 14th May and 21st May

    Workshop Lead by Ramona Güntert This is a two day workshop facilitated by Ramona Güntert. IRI, the workshop title, is inspired by the phenomenon of iridescence in which the surface of the material changes colour depending

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    1-1 Workshops!

    This four hour workshop will be run bySara Marinangeli, our technical guru. Sara will teach participants how to create a contact sheet from a set of colour or black and white negatives. You will learn

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    Introduction to Analog Photography!

    4 week workshop; from shooting, to film processing, to final darkroom black/white silver gelatin printing. – 35mm camera provided. -Takes place Saturdays from 10 am – 1 pm, 27 November, 4th December, 11th December, 18th

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    SW Crit Sessions

    Join us at SW Darkroom on a monthly basis as we host group Crit sessions. This is a very casual crit session where we will have open discussions about our WIP projects. Bring anything you’ve

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    Black and White Printing Workshop

    For all those new to darkroom printing or need a refresher course this 4 hour intensive introduction to printing black and white is run by Sara Marinangeli, our head technician. The course costs £60 per

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    "My introduction to darkroom printing was during the eponyme workshop organised by SW Darkroom. We were welcomed by Lewin Melissa and Jacob who shared with us the secrets to make beautiful prints. Beyond being extensively knowledgeable, the team was genuinely kind and made us feel like home. I would recommend this workshop to anyone wishing to learn about darkroom printing."
    Mathieu Olive

    Royal Victoria Patriotic Building

    John Archer Way

    SW18 3SX

    Rear Courtyard Basement 3


    Phone:  07851643621

    Opening by appointment from July 1 2022